Plastirene & Alflex (PS)

PS is a brittle, hard polymer blended with high-impact modifiers. Because of the wide variety of possibilities, this material can be used in a great number of applications. Density: 1.04 Can also be supplied in crystal- clear: ALFLEX: a clear SB/PS film with ease of processing. Medium to high impact resistance.

Plastireen Standard  
Plastireen Medium Impact  
Plastireen High impact-TypeB Deep freeze quality
Plastireen B3/1 Hyper impact
Plastireen Industrial With recycled material
Plastireen Flame retardant Norm V2
Plastireen UV  
Plastireen Protect   Co-ex Protect
Plastireen Protect Plus Peelable Co-ex PE
Plastireen Protect Plus Non-Peelable Co-ex PE
Plastireen Blend PS/PE  
Plastireen Dissipative Non-permanent 10.8-10.11 Ohm
Plastireen Dissipative Permanent 10.8-10.11 Ohm
Plastireen GRIP   anti-slip
Ceeflex   Hyperslagvast
Alflex 102A tot 606A glasheldere SB/PS
Alflex / Dissipative Non-permanent 10.8-10.11 Ohm