PlastiPET WQ

This is a quality that can substitute two films; 

PETGAG replacement

Application: Blisters. 

Whether the blister is closed by means of thermal sealing or by high frequency sealing, in both cases APET WQ can be used. Advantages over PETGAG: Price advantage and excellent recyclability, because your residue retains its value.

PE APET replacement

Applications: meat, fish and cheese packaging. 

In this application, the tub / tray is sealed with a top foil. Plastirol advises which type of top film should be used. Advantage over APET PE: Price advantage of the foil and excellent recyclability. Remnants maintain a high value compared to APET PE remnants. 

The material can be used again in the new film. WQ APET is therefore more sustainable than APET PE.

PlastiPET seal quality

This is a quality that is suitable for applications in which a tray is sealed with a so-called 'hot-melt’ top foil.