Plastirol B.V. within the Podt Alplain Group.

1950 Theo Podt sr. starts the business of Techncal Office M.J. Podt v.o.f., dealing in thermoplastics and plastic processing machines

1963 The compay name becomes Podt Alplain Kunststoffen B.V.

1977 Plastirol B.V. in Sliedrecht is founded following the take over of Royal Cup Plastics; producing of 1.500 tons of PS film.

1988 Podt Alplain Kunststoffen B.V. moves into new building in Sliedrecht.

1994 Plastirol B.V. moves into building in same location.

1995 Hagedorn AG from Osnabrück obtains 34% of the Podt Alplain Group shares.

1996 Hagedorn AG becomes 100% owner of the Podt Alplain Groep.

2001 Foundation of Redisol B.V., recycling waste from own production and customers.

2004 Foundation Plastirol and Redisol Belgium BvbA in Hannut, Belgium Products: PS, PP and PE films

2005 Plastirol B.V. buys new APET extruder

2010 Plastirol NL achieves the BRC-IOP certificate.

Anno 2014/2015 Plastirol produces 15,000 tons of PS, APET, PP and PE films

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