Materials used

Polystyrene – PS
PS is a brittle, hard polymer blended with high-impact modifiers. Because of the wide variety of possibilities, this material can be used in a great number of applications. It can also be supplied in crystal-clear form: ALFLEX

Amorphous Polyethene-terethphalate – APET
APET is a superior material, suitable for applications where high barrier properties are required. It is resistant to fats and tearing. It has excellent transparency and no influence on taste.

Polypropylene – PP
PP is used because of its lower density, resistance to high temperatures (micro-wave). Also, because it is a blend of homo- and copolymer, it can be used for deep freeze applications. The choice for homo- or copolymer determines the film stiffness. PP also has good resistance to fats, oils etc. and also good resistance to a number of chemicals. The film is naturally milky in appearance, but can also be supplied in transparent form.

Polyethylene - PE
PE, divided into LDPE and HDPE, is a flexible and soft material with excellent chemical resistance. It is tough and because of its good tear and low temperature performance, it is suitable for freezer applications. Moreover, PE has excellent sealing qualities.

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