Plastirol holds the ISO 9001:2008 certification. Since December 2010 Plastirol NL holds the food safety certificat. 


Extrusion is a continuous manufacturing process. Plastirol extrudes plastic-film on rolls. The composition of the raw materials determines the properties of the film. These are determined by the requirements of the end product. For new projects and applications, together with the customer, we look for the best product properties.

The quality is determined by the principle of process control during the production of the orders. The very specific measurement- and control equipment is of crucial importance. Plastirol’s modern and extensive machinery, together with the experience and specialised knowledge of all our employees, ensures an outstanding quality.

Delivery reliability

Plastirol strives for a 100% reliability and has built an excellent reputation in this area. You will never face unpleasant surprises. We will do as promised, you can count on that.

Plastirol, your rock in rolls!

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